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Event Testimonials
    Sundance Burke
Invitation to Advaita Satsang and Awakening
                                                           ~ Sundance Burke

Katie Davis , author,  Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlighenment
Sundance Burke, author, Free Spirit: A Guide to Enlightened Being
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Dear Katie and Sundance,
I want to let the two of you know what a profound and lingering affect you had on me.  As a long time student of Papaji and Gangaji and the many teachers that have come to Boulder, please accept my deepest pranams for one of the most memorable teachings I have personally received in the last 18 years. You and Sundance make a great team. Your humor, love and deep caring were expressed so easily. The meditation was amazing. Your quiet and gentle approach awakened in a simple way the wonder of the non-dual presence. I look forward to be invited into this timeless embrace with you again. Safe travels …
                                                                                    ~ Love, Chandra, Shankar Gallery, Boulder, Colorado

I just wanted to drop you a note regarding the Satsang Friday night. I have been to many Satsangs and have seen some of the most famous-- Gangaji, Adyashanti, Neelam, Pamela Wilson, Nirmala, Arjuna, etc---but I must say this was perhaps one of the best if not best Satsangs I have been in.The transmission was such a high frequency, I could "hear" it. The words were gentle pointers that somehow got me into the total awareness state easily. And I was in that flow for an extended time. Such peace. I hope you come back.                                     
                                                                                                                                                 ~ A., Boulder, Colorado

Dear Katie and Sundance, coming to your Satsang in Boulder was very special to me. The sitting in quietness with you in the beginning was so profoundly peaceful and connected; it brought warmth and joy to my heart, which stayed with me through your beautiful words afterwards in a dialogue full of humor and smiles between you two. After leaving the Satsang the peace and  heartfeltness stayed with me. What a blessing to have met you both. In deep gratitude…                                                                                                                    ~ Antje, Boulder, Colorado

Dear Ones, [and I mean it :-)]
I want to express my gratitude for the (literally) mind-blowing few days spent in your blessed company. I've experienced the deepest peace and, to quote Rachel, 'I'm still flying'. Thank you!
I've sent the link to the pictures from Niagara. It was so beautiful.
   ~You're in my heart, Dorin, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thank you again for providing clarity over the past few days and especially our private session. Spending time with you and Sundance was a blessing and I am more than thankful for it. Your joy pours over and it opened my heart. Thank you for being. One heart ...
       ~ J., Dallas, Texas

Katie, We met in Dallas. I had a private talk with you. I am loving your book. I recently had an awakening to the heart. I was able to let go of my mind and experience God's love in my heart. I had an emotional release which was so freeing. You have contributed to this awareness. Love from my Heart to yours,                                                                                                          ~ N., Dallas, Texas

Katie and Sundance,
I am so grateful for the gift of Peace that the two of you brought. Michael expressed delight with the clarity with which Awakened Joy was presented by the two of you this morning. This Satsang was beautiful and Powerful, truly Satsang.                                             ~ R., Flagstaff, Arizona

Hi Katie & Sundance,
Thank you for a wonderful experience at the satsang last Sat. in the beautiful chapel of the Creative Life Center in Sedona. I enjoyed your message so much. I am a great fan of Eckhart Tolle, and I find your message to be right in line with Eckhart’s. Thx! Looking forward to this weekend. Love & blessings,    ~ L., Sedona, Arizona

Dear friend,
It was a huge pleasure to have you and Sundance ... still, inner silence that continues.  The satsangs were beautiful and anyone I have spoken with who was there was deeply touched. Thank you both for all that you gave to us all.                                            ~ L., Vancouver BC, Canada

Dearest Katie:
Now I am living in Santa Cruz. You have suddenly been on my mind ... so I looked to see if by some chance you might be comming anywhere in California....So much seems to have transpired ... there is great Joy and appreciation so much more consistently ... and I have thought about you with such gratitude. Gratitude to life - that I had the opportunity to -be- with you so much while you were on Maui ... even when the sense of self arises it's experienced so much less as a problem ... just part of the scenery ... like thoughts ... like trees ... like a leaf blowing in the breeze ... it seems to come and go ... I find myself often spending hours in the woods in such a profound silent bliss ... just so grateful! I really feel the time with you was pivotal ... with you as no one else ... just pure love ... being ...always ... and (especially) always with you. There may not ever be the outer chance to spend time with you as I did on Maui ... still the Grace of the essence of those 'moments' lives on so abundantly ... tears of Absolute Joy ... what a radiantly alive Mystery! In Love with Love! I know you are so busy now ... still - if you are able - please let me know if you plan to be in California at all ... I would love to celebrate this Grace with you again ... even as one of many in an audience. ~ Always ... in Deep Appreciation. Aloha ...                                                                                             ~  B. Santa Cruz, California

Since  the  Rainier  Retreat,  I  do not feel so many miles from you! I didn't even feel as though I was travelling very far coming home.  My  mind was relieved to take up the 'story' where it left off, or so it seems! It all feels different.  So  much  pain  arose  at the retreat, shame and the deep sadness you speak of, I cried so much. This question 'is there anyone really here?' I am asking all the time and it takes me to a much lighter space.  And  it  makes  me  laugh! The truth is quite funny. I feel a huge change within my 'self' and I welcome the gaps in between perception.  Words  cannot  express my awe and gratitude. Thank you for your beautiful expression of Love.      ~ E.C., Hong Kong

That setting, with all of you on that wonderful mountain, brought about a heightened attention to silence, to spaciousness. The heart opened in a manner that words cannot describe. Now, nearly  a  week  later, the gift of that retreat is revealed in the greater tendency to be open to presence in daily activity. Again, many thanks for this opportunity.                                              
        ~ F.C., Seattle, Washington

It amazes me, how life plays with me, with us, plays with Love...yes,  the  holy  Mountain's presence is like a stronghold in my feels today. The retreat on that holy Mountain, your    love  and   gentle   kindness   is   a  constant  reminder  of  who  I  really  am,  pure consciousness, love and joy. Thank you, sweet angel Katie! It was perfection.         
                                             ~ L.R., Tacoma, Washington

I am so grateful for you bringing us together for the Rainier Retreat. It was wonderful for me and I still feel it.  What  a  wonderful  structure  to deepen my connection to the silence. Thank you again so much.                                                                                        ~ R.S., Orcas Island, Washington

I found that Monday after the retreat, as I worked alone for an 8-9 hour day, I was almost giddy, and enjoyed my work. Mistakes made me giggle. Tuesday, I began to tell stories again and became my old talkative self; but I noticed that now, I hesitate before I speak. I find myself not needing to talk as much, or at the least,  I recognize that I am "self referencing" and that it is really unimportant.  I  am more tolerant and more at peace.                        
                                                                                                                                       ~ J.K., Kirkland, Washington

I have had the pleasure of being spiritually counseled by Katie Davis, both on the telephone and over the Internet. Katie holds a pure, loving energy which is very palpable and very present, in both her spoken and written words. Through her spiritual wisdom and knowing, Katie has clearly guided in resolving challenging issues in my life.

Katie is on the cutting edge of the spiritual transformation currently taking place on Planet Earth. She is a Catalyst for Change and a True Blessing to all who encounter her.
     ~ With blessings and love,
David, Hollywood, Florida

I have been working on an individual basis with Katie for a few weeks now and it’s been a revelation. My process has been accelerated and my freedom now seems immanent. Katie has shown me that what I am is already perfect. I just needed a wakeup call, which she is providing through weekly phone satsangs. I have been on the path for the last 30 years studying various forms of Advaita Vedanta and Tibetan Buddhism.                  ~ Jim, San Francisco, California

After working with Katie for about six months, I can say that the generosity and the immediacy of her loving presence and the clarity of her wisdom has been a powerful help in my recognition of the presence and wisdom as my own true Self. For me, awakening SEEMS to come and go. Katie has persistently pointed my attention to that which has never come and gone. I am eternally grateful.   ~Paul, Taos, New Mexico

Katie holds a space for the stillness and peace to come through for those who are ready to let the mind go and experience it. Her private sessions go right to the heart of the issues that need to be released. I have experienced and worked with many spiritual facilitators and can say in all sincerity that Katie’s facilitation is amazing. I always walk away with a sense of peace and joy that is attainable in these times of transformation. I have been on the pathway to enlightenment all my life…but consciously on it since 1987.                          ~Patricia, Washington

I don’t know that I’ve ever felt such powerful presence in a group setting as with Katie and Sundance. I’m amazed and encouraged by the growing interest in this work. My process of discovery started in the early 70’s, especially around some of the new psychotherapy treatments of the time, e.g. Primal Therapy, Gestault, etc. Various spiritual paths, e.g. Zen, Hindu, and others, opened up over time. I spent many years with Siddha Yoga (Baba Muctinanda). I started participating in a Krishnamurti dialogue group seven or eight years ago. A member of that group introduced me to Maharaj (I am That), Jean Klein (Ease of Being) and Eckhart Tolle. I am also a member of the Bellevue Institute for Noetic Science, where we dialogue on science/consciousness. In one form or another, I have been doing this for at least 25 years.                                      ~ Fred, Seattle, Washington

Satsang with Katie and Sundance and working with Katie privately at her home have been exceptional. I gently shift from the outside noisy world to the peacefulness inside. I am fortunate that I live so close to this wealth of joy and am able to access it frequently.
  ~Gladys, Renton, Washington

Katie, thank you very much for your guidance and advice yesterday. It transformed my whole approach and attitude toward the person with whom I was having the conflict. I was able to meet her in the Now and so deal with the situation effectively. We both came to a workable, kind solution to the problem. I am grateful for your Presence and Love. Best wishes to you.
                                                                               ~ Seattle, Washington

Katie Davis is the real thing. To sit with her is to sit with the Truth.
                                  ~Chris McCombs, Orcas Island, Washington

I have been on my pathway to enlightenment since the universe was created and ever since it was divided. My first soul memory was in Lemeuria utilizing crystals during healing. I have returned to continue these gifts and share with others along our path to enlightenment. Katie, that was a wonderful meditation session Wednesday. My senses noticed the wonderful energy upon arriving. Beautiful Feng Shui…the fresh flowers, chimes, lighting, etc. I was also feeling much loving angel energy that evening and felt blue and white radiating from your aura. The Stillness was profound……. Although we are all “one” with the universe, “me” really enjoyed listening to the “stories” and I will be back in two weeks to experience whatever and/or participate in what next unfolds. Thank you for providing the loving space. Peace and Love.
      ~ Karma, Redmond, Washington

“I have been pursuing spiritual modalities my whole life. Non-dual teachers come through Seattle fairly regularly and I don’t miss many of them . I found Eckhart very well suited to me with his incredible clarity and hilarious humor. I have come to depend on visiting Katie and Sundance for my “retreats.” One feels so comfortable; so welcome; and best of all, so peaceful at their house. I love the growing crowds of wonderful people who show up, and the opportunity to raise (or is that lower) my consciousness, as we all sit in silence and then exchange dialogue. I find that I receive the same benefit being with Katie and Sundance, as I do with any satsang teacher. Katie and Sundance keep me reminded of what it’s all about. I am fortunate to be able to interact with them on such a regular basis. I’m honored.”
     ~ Jan, Kirkland, Washington

I have basically been on the pathway to enlightenment my whole life. In your and Sundance’s presence, I am more aware, awakened to who I really am, or who I am not…I am not my body. I feel connected with you both on the heart level.           ~Ludvig, Tacoma, Washington

I would like very much to spend more time around you and Sundance,  and if there are ever any times where you need help doing just about anything,  please  call  on  me.  I would love to help and to spend time with you both as well.  There   is a  hungry  part  of me that wants more and more nourishment, and I just love the  Katie and Sundance  Bistro!  As far  as  I  am concerned, you could call the Sunday Satsangs, "Gourmet Satsang." 
                                                                                                                                          ~ S.S., Seattle, Washington
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